Monday, 1 December 2008


post originally written for my fotolog

It is Marajane Satrapi's graphic novel. Eduardo gave me this wonderfully written book about the life of a girl - woman from Iran and the political & religious conflicts there implied. She goes to Europe as it becomes unbearable for her to live in such oppressive system. Well, i do recommend both the book and the film.

My mother also read it. Kassandra also read it. They all loved it, of course.

The minute i finished reading the book i made two phone calls: (1) to Eduardo, in Rio, to thank him sooo much for having given me this great book; (2) to Veronica, my heart sister forever and one more week, in Pennsylvannia - US. The moment i called she was still having breakfast along with her cutest and most adorable - ever - family. I simply told her i had just finished reading a book which she had no choice but to read it too, because i thought of her all the time while reading it. I believe the cartoon she drew inspired by our conversation over the phone speaks for itself. Much love!!! and inspiration!!!

the film is very interesting and a must see. it was nominated for the oscar for best international movie in 2007. i got it from the language resources centre, avenue campus. if you happen to watch it, please don't miss the extras. but i highly recommend the reading of the book as she addresses very important things not treated in film. the book really helps us understand some politicas aspects of life in Iran and why marjane couldn't really reamin there.

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