Sunday, 31 October 2010


31 oct 2010
trust me, this ice cream was really good. now i wonder if i did need it. went to tesco yesterday for some groceries and decided to give myself a treat. does it have to be an ice cream? i started eating it yesterday and finished today. bit by bit, in sin, giving in.
it is never easy to pick something in a supermarket that would be nice and sweet but not too sweet. i have the hardest time spotting the cool and 'safe' stuff on the shelves. this time i went for this haagen dazs ice cream. i usually buy lots of fruits and weight watchers ginger & lemon biscuits, but couldn't find the biscuits at tesco and maybe - maybe - decided to go wild this once.
i go wild at uni quite often too when i buy candies. this is not supposed to be funny or make anyone interested in trying the ice cream or doing the same silly things i do sometimes. it is but my reflection on my weaknesses.

le plat du jour: green salad

31 oct 2010

le plat du jour today was this fresh and delicious green salad: crispy sweet lettuce, rocket, tomato, ham, a pinch of salt, some olive oil and balsamic vinegar. love it!!! i could eat it every day, but i also need something very warm in my meals.

Thursday, 28 October 2010


28 oct 2010
what are you? what is it like to be passionate? what is it like to be professional?

how much passionate should one be about professional life? and love life? and personal life?
what is good about being a passionate person?
what is bad about it?

how much professional / practical should one be about professional life? and love life? and personal life?

what is good about being a professional / practical person?
what is bad about it?
do you think gender plays a role in that matter?

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

at the gym: one two three . . .

27 oct 2010

i started today going to the uni gym at the jubilee sports centre, in highfield. i did 4km in 50.36min on the treadmill and am now dead tired. i walk quite often at the common and i do walk to and from uni everyday, but being on the treadmill is a completely different challenge. i guess i burned a bit less than 300 calories, but it really doesn't matter much now. what matters to me today is that i did go to the gym and made a move towards a start.

last year i paid the membership for the whole year but went one day, looked around, felt absolutely lost, did not really know where to put a finger, where to look for help although there was a person at the counter, did not know where to leave my belongings, well, did not know. . . so i left as i entered the room, with my backpack on my back and nothing done.

this time i booked an induction to the facilities and i was the only one out of eight who had also booked to show up to it. the guy, an Iranian man called Ali, showed me the equipments around, showing me how to use them all. it was a basic, not full of mindblowing surprises to me, but still quite relevant instructions. we had a chat about speed limits, heart beating, calories, and all that came up to my mind at the time of the induction. he showed me the lockers where i can leave my things while exercising and how to use them. he also promised to design a programme for me. Ali gave a good view of the many, really, many, possibilities one can have in just a gym room. it was not a good idea that i came last year at rush hour, alone, and lost. maybe i did it to screw up the plan.

i saw Ali on my way out. i'll try and come when he is in next time. he said he'll design a suitable programme for me to follow. he was pleased to find out i am from Brazil. here is a tropical heart hoping for stronger beating. the exercise today has left me drained. wish i could sleep for an hour now. i think i'll go home :-) but i already did my share at the treadmill. rule number one: exercise. rule number two: rest. this is the precious lesson i learned from my personal trainer in Brazil.

Sunday, 24 October 2010

oxford street & . . .

23 & 24 oct 2010

yesterday, 23 oct 2010, they met at the junction of the avenue and london road and walked hand to hand to oxford street. once there they had dinner - calzone - at 'scoozi' restaurant. good food, good drink, great night, street packed with good looking people. later on, after some walk around street and an attempt at 'grapes' they decide to have a drink at 'the white star'. good music, good atmosphere, great warm up for the night. . .

Saturday, 23 October 2010

giving in not to give up

23 oct 2010

i just had this fair bowl of fruits with greek yoghurt. to made the 'meal' a banquete i added up a candy bar, all giving in not to give up. i know it is not very clear, but it is not any clear to me either. anyway, this was my means to manage the 'moment'. more, much more to come in life. hoping for the best.

autumn at the common

23 oct 2010

once again the common is getting more colourful and amasingly beautiful with the arrival of autumn. this morning i went for a great walk and was lucky to get some rain. oh My do i love it. breathtaking! this is such a privilege to have this opportunity to live so close to this park, which is my heart with its singing birds. love it. i can't tell how many photos i have of the park. this is one of the many i took this morning.

Friday, 22 October 2010

there is hope

22 oct 2010

when the person takes the time to go by the gym, pays for the membership, and books a fit induction it means there is hope. now serious: i really hope this time is a serious one. i could have booked all sorts of lessons - truth be said paying extra for them, from dancing zumba, salsa, or whatever to doing yoga, tai chi, pilates, among other possibilities of extra fit or fun classes. instead, i think it is more sensible that i start off at least going a few times per week and do some workout. there are also the aerobic classes, which i can naturally join, for free. help me, God. amem!