Wednesday, 23 February 2011

le plat du jour: noodle soup

23 feb 2011

i finally decided to cook myself something fresh tonight. after spending the whole day at home and having had ready made food for lunch i felt i could try out fresh food. for this chinese noodle soup i stirred fried shallots and garlic in basil infused olive oil. added vine tomatoes, a pinch of chilly, mustard, a veggetable cube and hot water. then i added the chinese noodle to the pan. when it was nearly ready i broke two egges into the soup. it tasted nice and i think i truly deserved the treat. for dessert i had two clementines and also drank a cup of tea.

i am still ill, with this allergy that is lingering on and on. i felt very very tired all day and once again i slept many hours during the day. hope to feel better soon.

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

le plat du jour: sweet and sour

22 feb 2011

i had a busy day at uni today. lots to do and not enough time or good food to eat. i had something for lunch about 12.30 and then did not eat again until i had (highly salty) crisps right before i started teaching. got back home wondering about what to eat and hoping some magic solution awaited me home. these days i simply do not feel in the mood for cooking. i do not wish to cook anything. i have bought again some ready made food of which i am getting sick. well, because it was already getting late, past 10pm, i decided to have these clementines and kiwis. very healthy, huh! but these fruits taste so sour. i was not lucky this time at all in my choice with the fruits. i had to add up some honey to be able to eat them. it was fine in the end. i have been struggling with food and what to eat and what not to eat. tough days.

windows 7

22 feb 2011

my reflection number one about my decision to go abroad for post graduate studies concerns the sad fact that i did not update myself with technology skills. oh my! have i been through tough times here!!! what for some is more toys and fun and resources for me is a new challenging programme. i keep looking for where to click to number pages, . . . . well well. . .
during these days of updating technology we have been getting emails about when and what they were going to do, including support to help us manage novelties. well, not quite. the scheduled training sessions were basically devoted to those having some specific difficulties, not for the ones with a (long) list of difficulties like myself.

Friday, 18 February 2011

le plat du jour: indian food

18 feb 2011

foto 1: Mike, Maudie, JC's head, Murielle. foto 2: Mike's food. foto 3: the cuties.
  today we had a busy night:
1. the platform pub for some drinks, from 8.30 to 9.15. the pub was so full. not certain it was because it was a friday night, but it was completely full. some of its walls are the original city walls. so cool!! i liked the atmosphere in the pub. there was also live music. well, everybody got there, we had to stand and drink as there were really no tables available for us to have a seat. by the way, i am not certain we would be allowed to sit. in many pubs you can only have a table if you order food. otherwise you have to stand, which many people do, or find some small table, i think. food there looked good, but we had other plans and were headed to
2. Coriander restaurant on high street, an indian restaurant. we walked about five minutes throught the gelid night. i was feeling dead cold. table reservation was for 9.15pm. we had to wait a little for our table as again the place was quite busy. i had mushroom rice and an indian chicken which i expected to be chilly free. nope! if you ever plan to eat at an indian restaurant be prepared for some fire even when they say there will be none. Mike had this variety of meats with rice and a delicious naan bread. i really loved his bread. we had baileys as digestive at the coriander and after dinner i believe it is a tradition amongst the Britons that they wrap up the night in another pub. yey! there we went to
3. the standing order, which is a pub just accros the road from the restaurant. there we stayed long and i wanted to go home. i was feeling tired and very cold because of this allergy that has been around and shown no plans to leave. Maudie was the first one to leave. that night i met two new friends of Mike's: Martin and the French chemist Murielle. we were a total of 10 people, with carefully planned table for 10: martin, murielle, mike, me, jc, marie, maudie, stephen, johnny, and warren. it was high time past midnight when we left the pub and went home. all the others still stayed there, but i believe pubs here close no later than 1am.

Thursday, 17 February 2011

good morning, chilly february day

17 feb 2011

yes, it is getting even colder despite my desire to say good bye to winter. i go through winter only hoping and because i know it will not last forever. some days it does feel like winter lasts forever. oh, no!

Monday, 14 February 2011

the uni lifesavers

14 feb 2011

Thank you so very much, Paul.

You ARE such a life saver.
All the best to you,

-----Original Message-----

From: ServiceLine [mailto:]
Sent: 14 February 2011 10:01
To: Lima K.S.D.
Subject: RE: SERVICEXXXXXX: Resolved

[14/02/11] - Hello,

I have restored the "Articles for lit review" folder to a folder called 'restored' on your desktop.
Thank you

Details :

Summary: BXX/ Post grad study room X UOS-XXXXX - Folder Deleted

Please can anyone help me out here.
I think in a click I deleted a folder from my desktop.
UOS XXXXXX is my computer. It is a folder with the articles for my PhD. Please.


Sunday, 13 February 2011

silvana's chocolate cream

13 feb 2011

thank you so much so minha prima linda, for the chocolate cream recipe. i prepares it for last night's ice cream and it went great. now i have the recipe as i want it. the creamy top is like la cerise sur le gateau. prima, i was really pleased to be able to make it and with the final result. yes, it gets rich and thick, but i used extra thick cream. sooo good!!! am glad you remembered to teach me that one when we spoke on the phone. thanks again. love you to bits.

feliz dia dos namorados

about yesterday, 12 june 2011
l'artiste et sa muse
yesterday was valentine's day in Brazil justly celebrated here too. how?

- getting a sweet surprise in the form of a valentine's day card written in portuguese 'feliz dia dos namorados' early in the morning;

- enjoying a rainy and windy day;

- eating pear, garlic & mushroom cheese with stone baked bread for lunch;

- going to the city art gallery to appreciate andy warhol's exhibition, which is also at the hansard gallery at the uni of southampton. the set of pieces at the city gallery is worth a visit. we were not impressed by the one at the hansard gallery;

- watching the american film 'brother, where art thou?' in the cosy & rainy afternoon;

- having a special dinner eating winter in summer chicken with new potatoes and listening to brazilian music.
- . . .

Thursday, 10 February 2011

film: brighton rock

10 feb 2011

Brighton Rock
Production year: 2010
Country: UK
Cert (UK): 15
Runtime: 111 mins
Directors: Rowan Joffe
Cast: Andrea Riseborough, Andy Serkis, Dame Helen Mirren, Helen Mirren, John Hurt, Phil Davis, Sam Riley

we saw 'Brighton rock' at harbour lights. the film has a fantastic photography and some remarkable interpretations, like Helen Mirren's. my ignorance on the plot has made me choose to watch it, i must say. i thought at first it was a film based on a true story / crime that happened in Brighton in the 60s and the subsequent investigation about it. it is actually about the violent battles between Mods and Rockers. i was pleased to watch it anyway. again, the excellent photography, the wardrobe and the collors, oh and the music were all worth the while, really. also, it felt nice to see the places i have been to in the big screen: the brighton pier, the pavilion, and all the others sets from the movie. not a must see, though.