Tuesday, 22 February 2011

le plat du jour: sweet and sour

22 feb 2011

i had a busy day at uni today. lots to do and not enough time or good food to eat. i had something for lunch about 12.30 and then did not eat again until i had (highly salty) crisps right before i started teaching. got back home wondering about what to eat and hoping some magic solution awaited me home. these days i simply do not feel in the mood for cooking. i do not wish to cook anything. i have bought again some ready made food of which i am getting sick. well, because it was already getting late, past 10pm, i decided to have these clementines and kiwis. very healthy, huh! but these fruits taste so sour. i was not lucky this time at all in my choice with the fruits. i had to add up some honey to be able to eat them. it was fine in the end. i have been struggling with food and what to eat and what not to eat. tough days.

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