Friday, 18 February 2011

le plat du jour: indian food

18 feb 2011

foto 1: Mike, Maudie, JC's head, Murielle. foto 2: Mike's food. foto 3: the cuties.
  today we had a busy night:
1. the platform pub for some drinks, from 8.30 to 9.15. the pub was so full. not certain it was because it was a friday night, but it was completely full. some of its walls are the original city walls. so cool!! i liked the atmosphere in the pub. there was also live music. well, everybody got there, we had to stand and drink as there were really no tables available for us to have a seat. by the way, i am not certain we would be allowed to sit. in many pubs you can only have a table if you order food. otherwise you have to stand, which many people do, or find some small table, i think. food there looked good, but we had other plans and were headed to
2. Coriander restaurant on high street, an indian restaurant. we walked about five minutes throught the gelid night. i was feeling dead cold. table reservation was for 9.15pm. we had to wait a little for our table as again the place was quite busy. i had mushroom rice and an indian chicken which i expected to be chilly free. nope! if you ever plan to eat at an indian restaurant be prepared for some fire even when they say there will be none. Mike had this variety of meats with rice and a delicious naan bread. i really loved his bread. we had baileys as digestive at the coriander and after dinner i believe it is a tradition amongst the Britons that they wrap up the night in another pub. yey! there we went to
3. the standing order, which is a pub just accros the road from the restaurant. there we stayed long and i wanted to go home. i was feeling tired and very cold because of this allergy that has been around and shown no plans to leave. Maudie was the first one to leave. that night i met two new friends of Mike's: Martin and the French chemist Murielle. we were a total of 10 people, with carefully planned table for 10: martin, murielle, mike, me, jc, marie, maudie, stephen, johnny, and warren. it was high time past midnight when we left the pub and went home. all the others still stayed there, but i believe pubs here close no later than 1am.

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