Friday, 23 March 2012

chico anysio querido

23 mar 2012

foto da internet
ah, Chico Anysio foi embora . . . que tristeza. tenho uma infinidade de lembrancas incriveis do inesgotavel talento desse cearense maravilhoso, ao longo da minha vida, no programa 'Chico City' com os personagens mais criativos, debochados, reais, politicos safados, um poco sem fim de inspiracao. . . e eh muitos outros trabalhos que ele fez ao longo de sua vida. ah!!!

registro aqui meu abraco muito grande em cada pessoa que compartilha desse momento de despedida, sempte tao indesejada, e inevitavel. tanta sorte e felicidade nossa ter um professional com esse talento. tao raro, nao conhece nenhum outro como ele.

va em muita Paz, querido. amem.

precious moments

23 mar 2012

photo taken from my mobile phone

yesterday i was with maroquinha hilra at lattes cafe, highfield campus, from 9.35am until 1.50pm. the initial plan was to meet, have some coffee, catch up a bit, and go about our business for the day. instead, we stayed longer than planned, half ignoring that we both have a life filled with commitments and deadlines. once in a while we said 'i have to go soon' but never left. when we finally left the cafe, almost 2pm, we still went together to the uni shop; then, hilra wait for me by the cash point and there was still some more conversation. yey!!! sooooo good to talk freely with no fear of being misunderstood. this is precious.

i walked back to avenue campus and only did a few more things. it was not the productive academic day i had hopes for, but fine. hilra and i talked a lot about my research, which was 'work' and much enlightening.

now telling from the beginning: - sometime before 9am i walked from home to the office [at avenue campus] to drop off some bag weight here and go to highfield, where i was to meet up with hilra. when i got to the office rob was already here, and we talked . . . he seemed to want to chat more but i had to leave and told him we'd talk more later on. 'ok', he said. i was headed to highfield when there comes fabricio, this very nice brazilian guy who is in his third year phd in oceanography [i think]. he got off his bike and we walked together until the uni clinic, where i went to collect a prescription. fabricio is going back home to brazil this april. i would love to see him again before he leaves. we might plan a big brazilian gathering for him.
thanks for the great chat, nene :-) after all, 'cada um eh si' (joao)

Monday, 19 March 2012

english breakfast

19 mar 2012

after fasting for over twelve hours for a blood test i had this morning i thought i needed some good fuel for the long day ahead. hash browns, sausage, baked beans, and mushrooms. now i am already back at the office, having a nice cup of coffee with coffee mate. getting ready!!!

wishing us all a great week :-)

Thursday, 15 March 2012

a foggy day in soton town

15 mar 2012

beautiful and blossoming spring is in the air; we all know that. also, days have been slightly warmer around here, with some very nice and sunny. it is funny to know the temperature maybe be low, like last night it was 7.5C, but it didn't feel super cold. winter is about to say goodbye but we are still getting these foggy mornings which can be a little chilly and beautiful and romantic. me likey 
this photo i took with my mobile phone this morning, about 7.20am when mike dropped me off here. it is the southampton common park . i love this park and i walk through it nearly every day, as i live and work very near it. mike just texted me to say he had a difficult drive to work because it was really foggy all the way to work, which is now in salisbury, about a 45-minute drive in normal conditions.

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

busy week

14 mar 2012

photo taken from my mobile phone

this has been a busy week. it is wednesday and i still have so much to do. last night i didn't sleep well at all. i've been worried about some things. . . can't avoid the worries. can't do much about the problems, either. . . but they stay here with me.
yesterday i had lunch with a bunch of brazilian girls: frances, karla, and ana with her little hugo. what a beauty he is. the chat was very nice.
today i'll have in a few minutes a training session on the viva. still today i need to finish up the draft for some data analysis and send it out to ros. tonight i'll go to laura marlin's show at the guild hall with mike and johnny.
tomorrow i'll have a supervision session with ros. then, i need to finish up preparing the eap lesson for friday. it is almost done already. also tomorrow we'll go to the nuffield theatre for the 'mogadishu' play.
on friday i'll teach 10 to 12. all day there is going to be the hpgc conference, here at the avenue campus. i have a presentation at 4pm at the conference; and a reception at 6pm as part of conference.
hope i have a better night's sleep today. i am fine, trust me :-) am certain the weekend is going to be nice, come rain or shine.

Monday, 12 March 2012

industrious me

12 mar 2012

i think i had a great start for this week. yesterday, sunday, i made pizza for my flatmates Sai, from india, and Chen and Lu from china. i also cleaned up and organised one of my drawers. this means much to me.

today, monday, i got up around 7.20am and did what i want to do, with no postponing:
- i went to gateley hall to collect a parcel. if we get anything in the mail which doesn't fit in our mailbox it is delivered to gateley, a sort of headquarters for our uni accommodation. it is only a five-minute walk from where i live;
- then, i walked back home to drop off parcel and got my mp3 player to take it with me and listen to laura marlin's music;
- on my way to avenue campus i met ines, who was with her daughter melissa. she gave me a lift to avenue and we chatted a bit;
- i left some of my bag weight in the office and headed to highfield campus to sort something out at the bank;
- after that, i went to nuffield theatre and bought tickets for the play 'mogadishu'.
- then, i passed by the uni clinic to book a blood test appointment for next monday.
- walked back fo avenue and have been working on my things since then. but first i had this nice cup of coffee with coffee mate.

i am glad and think i managed to do a lot in a short period of time. also, the walk has been nice. it is not so cold anymore around here. spring is around the corner.