Monday, 12 March 2012

industrious me

12 mar 2012

i think i had a great start for this week. yesterday, sunday, i made pizza for my flatmates Sai, from india, and Chen and Lu from china. i also cleaned up and organised one of my drawers. this means much to me.

today, monday, i got up around 7.20am and did what i want to do, with no postponing:
- i went to gateley hall to collect a parcel. if we get anything in the mail which doesn't fit in our mailbox it is delivered to gateley, a sort of headquarters for our uni accommodation. it is only a five-minute walk from where i live;
- then, i walked back home to drop off parcel and got my mp3 player to take it with me and listen to laura marlin's music;
- on my way to avenue campus i met ines, who was with her daughter melissa. she gave me a lift to avenue and we chatted a bit;
- i left some of my bag weight in the office and headed to highfield campus to sort something out at the bank;
- after that, i went to nuffield theatre and bought tickets for the play 'mogadishu'.
- then, i passed by the uni clinic to book a blood test appointment for next monday.
- walked back fo avenue and have been working on my things since then. but first i had this nice cup of coffee with coffee mate.

i am glad and think i managed to do a lot in a short period of time. also, the walk has been nice. it is not so cold anymore around here. spring is around the corner.


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