Thursday, 7 January 2010

2010 is in the air - what now?

thursday 7 jan 2010

i don't think i am fully connected to this new year yet. not been long ago we were thinking about the turn of the century. everyone was talking about year 2000. now it is 2010. i am so confused!! or lazy?? a bit of both.

the truth is i am slow and struggling with this freezing cold winter in england. this has been a nightmare for me to step out of the house or to walk anywhere. you oughta keep the faith, otherwise. . .

my birthday was yesterday. it felt a little weird to keep it really quiet at home. none of my flatmates knew about it, only internet contacts and personal life people. am i too old now for little celebrations? or have i gotten to the point that it really doesn't matter whether i have a birthday party or not? i am quite certain all i want is to be in good health and to know that the ones who are precious to me are all fine and safe. i know that the most important point for me now.

cheers to 2010!!!!

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