Sunday, 6 December 2009

meu brasil brasileiro

6 dec 2009

8.28 in the morning now. i am finishing up with packing before i catch the coach to go to london healthrow airport terminal 4 to catch my tam flight to sao paulo to then catch another flight to fortaleza to finally be in another tam flight to teresina - home at last!

i don't even really know what i'm feeling right now. since i finished teaching on friday i've been sort of entering in a new 'layer' of existence, as it is my plan to take things easy on me from now on. the nuffield theater with diana was an excellent starting point for all this. saturday and today i still feel very much occupied with lots of administrative things to do, about both the trip and my research. however, i do want new life, new mode, new energy in the very inside of me.

until almost 2o'clock in the morning of this very sunday 6 december i was sending documents to people here and in brasil concerning this data collection / the research, which is work that requires full concentration. still, i want to see and feel it all pretty much under new perspectives from now on: lighter, more joyful, and fulfilling.

now i have to finish up packing. at times i wonder if i have forgotten something. i'm afraid i have )-: but let's hope it is just my ordinary worry, and that it should not be confirmed as such.

Me aguarde, meu Brasil lindo e colorido e caloroso e alegre e de amor e de abracos e beijnhos e carinhos sem ter fim. . . chega de saudade!!! (obrigada Joao Gilberto)

Kalina Morena


  1. Boa viagem, nene...nessa hora sobrevoando algum recanto desse mundao ou entre voos...quase em casa. Espero por voce!

  2. valeu, nene.
    beijos e a gente se vemos muito em breve. hehehe
    16 horas de voo. 12 pra sao saulo, mais 3 pra fortaleza, mais uma pra teresina.
    ta tudo bem. abraco grande em todos.

  3. Aff deche jeito a mocoila vai chegar quaije na hora de voltar aqui pra riba, ne nao?

    Jocas na familia

  4. hehehe verdade. . .
    cabeca a mil, pensando muuito em voce na data collection. . . pense nas agonias, mas o plano B ta ai pra ser usado.
    obrigada pelas palavras a respeito da pesquisa no email. correria nesse prezado minuto. escrevo mais ja ja.
    beijos e saudades.