Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Clive the clever

28 Oct 2009

Clive the clever & the gold run at the Common

I have a hectic day ahead and decided to gor a little walk in the Common, again following my sister's advice. i hade a sore body, and feel very much out shape, i mean, i AM in a unique / bizarre shape at the moment and i wonder if this is physically only.

well, in the very entrance to the park i saw this man running. i try sometimes to run a little, even if for 5 seconds only, as part of my plan to carry out 'unimagined tasks' :-) . as i attempted to run this smiley man crossed the walking track to speak with me. he said something like:

'never run on this, always run on the grass. i am 80 years old and i've been running for 40 years. if you run on the hard surface your knees are gone after 20 years. always always try the softer ground to run. try and buy the best shoes possible and run or even walk in there (pointing to the grass). it is wet, your feet are going to get wet, but it is much better than spoiling your knees.'

Clive's was a golden advice for my gold run. we kept talking for a while. very wise man Clive is. i asked him for a picture, to which he agreed. And off i went for my walk and eventual 2-sec run, always on the colourful grass. the sounds of the step on the grass with the dry leaves is captivating. i really like it. I walked up to the side that gets to Shirley and came back home. now i am ready for the day. I don't want to forget Clive's advice. He is 80 and is such a good shape. if you take proper care or yourself life is nice after all.

carpe diem.


  1. 80 years and running? that's me in the future! =P


  2. yey!!! i think you'll be running at age 80, yes!!!
    big hugs from tchitchia