Thursday, 15 October 2009

A new start

Lovers walk is on my way to Avenue Campus

15 October 2009
6.22pm - Southampton, Hampshire, UK

I am trying to start a new blog, this time calling it The Soton Times, which is the name i informally have been giving to some of my writings about my experience here in the UK since September 2008.

For some reason my writings have had a little downfall these days. I believed it started over the summer, but it will come back as fruitful as it has been in good previous times, so i want it to.

i will add to this post later on, and include a photograph to it eventually.



  1. SO pra dizer que passei por aqui e que volto. Beijo

  2. grande Hilra!!!
    :-) seja muito bem vinda, dona primeira visita.
    agora me dei conta que coloquei Brazil nos 'labels' mas nao falei explicitamente em Brazil no texto. nao da pra tentar se enganar, e isso eh o que nos final nos leva ah verdade, ne nao?
    beijo bereu

  3. e essa fotinha basica me lembra que Clacla deu fim a nossa camera buaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  4. So como sugestao, transporta teus posts do outro blog pra ca, e poe a data da publicacao original ou re-publica com data retrospectiva, it works okay either way. Besitos