Tuesday, 9 March 2010

the glitter day. indeed

9 mar 2010

after so much glittering the glitter and life i was surprised to meet a whole bus packed with youngsters who had glitter all over. it is very good to be young and therefore free to just paint your face using whatever colour available in the rainbow, including any variety to it. they were all, i think, going to a party. what a noise they make. the girls are nearly naked in this chilly night. yes, sometimes it is hard to understand why people do what we do not do. i mean, i am fine with what they do, i have nothing exactly against it, but i think they are originally and naturally so much nicer and cute, i see no need to disguise.

the last part of this glitter day happened in the evening, on my way home from uni. i stayed in the hartley library until about 9pm. left the library and headed to the interchange to take my bus: either U1C or U2C. U2C came first. the young people i met in the bus, who normally look beautiful decide to paint their faces and bodies with different colours and faces of animals. i saw rabbits, cats, and pigs, to name some. and the outfits looked just as peculiar. well, it was the glitter day!!!

update on the morning of 10 mar 2010:
how could i forget to mention the main glitter of all? it was that i stayed at the hartley library for about five hours and i was highly productive in my readings and writings. i was happy with what i accomplish despite the system being down, this implying i had to dig for readings shelf by shelf since we had no webcat at that moment. i managed to find a good from modern languages and three interesting articles. i read them all and inserted ideas in my writing of the moment, which is the course plan for july. yey!!!

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