Tuesday, 9 March 2010

more on glitter

9 mar 2010

after the bank i spent some time working, ops, listening to youtube music (Diana Krall and more on jazz) at the Law building, where there is a great workstation. i stayed there until the uni system went dead.

i then headed to here, the Hartley Library and had a cup of filter coffee (the cheapest one) with a brownie. well, i ordered the coffee and brownie and gave the guy at the till a coin which for me was a 2-pound coin. i then moved towards the coffee place to help myself. the till guy comes to tell me i actually had given him a money which was not pounds. he kept looking around the nice little coin and said it was a 'real' and finally got to the conclusion it was brazilian money. i apoligised and gave him real pound :-) he said it was ok, not a problem  and we kept chatting for a little while. he asked for my brazilian coin. he wanted to see it again and said he found it beautiful. i decided to offer him the piece. i said 'you can keep it'. he was happy and accepted the coin. he said next time he'll pay me a cup of coffee. it could not be today anymore because he had already registered it. at this time we were already speaking portuguese, he with a portuguese accent and i with my brazilian trace in the language. he asked my name. his is carlos.

what a glittery afternoon. and to think i was not so certain about leaving the house in the cold 7-degree afternoon. oh my! it was worth everything, afterall.

after the coffee i went to first level on hartly  to find some Linguistics journals. i did find some material and worked on my research for about two hours. you know what, i am happy. i am now planning to come more often to this library and spend time here. i was just sitting in one of those tables on the very back where you only have a computer if you bring your own. i had not brought mine and the system was down anyway, but it was good to concentrate on the readings and on writing some for a while. yey!

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