Tuesday, 9 March 2010

the glittering glitter

09 mar 2010

i just stopped by my bank (my bank, not yours hehehehe) to ask to change my solo debit card for a visa one, as people say the visa card has more credibility.

well, i started speaking with the bank lady meant to help on the issue and she was quite formal, with no time or space for a smile. well, i decided make a simple comment on her nails: 'your nails look fantastic. awesome'. after that she turned herself into an all-over-body smile and said she only passed glitter on them because she likes her nails to look tidy. we indeed became high school gals and chat a good deal about nails, bank cards, travelling, and - guess what!!! men, of course!!! i asked her if i am going to receive my new bank card before i travel on the 21st of march and she said 'yes', and that it would be for sure. she then asked where i am heading to. i said: prague, viena, bratislava, and budapest. to each city i mentioned she showed a nice surprise and said it is all fantastic. she said prague is the city of the single men, that all the single men go there. i said that's why i am going, too.

see? a simple glitter glittering a whole day, and it did not cost me a thing to acknowledge how nice her nails look :-)

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