Thursday, 11 November 2010

film: another year

11 nov 2010

Director: Mike Leigh

Writer: Mike Leigh
Stars: Jim Broadbent, Ruth Sheen and Lesley Manville
Jim Broadbent ... Tom

Lesley Manville ... Mary
Ruth Sheen ... Gerri
Oliver Maltman ... Joe
Peter Wight ... Ken
David Bradley ... Ronnie
Imelda Staunton ... Janet
Release Date: 5 November 2010 (UK)
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today we saw this film at harbour lights written and directed by Mike Leigh, released just six days ago. at first i told Mike i loved the film and am quite impressed with the actress Lesley Manville for her excellent interpretation of Mary, this all screwed up woman. but now i think back and have to admit Mike Liegh exaggerated in the blissful life of the forever happy couple Tom (Jim Broadbent) and Gerri (Ruth Sheen) (unlike the animation characters). the film portrays this couple's house as a magnet for friends and family for both good and bad times. throughout the four seasons of the year they are there for everyone.

part of Leigh's style is that much of the film dialogues are improvised. he is talented and makes ordinary people with ordinary life living ordinary events look remarkable. moreover, i do love the photography and the pace of the film, which is really worth watching. i like it, but i question the forever blissful happiness of the aged couple. 

however, i am also - have to confess - disappointed to see how miserable he portrays Janet, the woman at the beginning of the film, who is so lost she can't even remember a happy moment in her life. Mary herself is so lost. she buys a car, which instead of leading her to new places brings her lots of problems and makes her get stuck and have get tickets and all sort of troublesome stuff possible. a bit too much? anyway, Manville's interpretation of Mary is outstanding. Ronnie (David Bradley), Tom's brother who becomes a widower comes into the picture towards the last part (last season) of the film. i like him very much. Ronnie does not pronounce many words, he only displays Bradley's talent to say much with his presence and pass along all the feelings of the character. 'Another year' was filmed in Derbyshire,UK.


  1. Vim aqui retribuir sua visita ao meu blog (continue comentando, hehehe) e espiar os seus filmes.

    Não assisti Another Year ainda mas adoro Mike Leigh então provavelmente vou gostar deste também, né? Meus favoritos do diretor são Secrets and Lies, All or Nothing e Vera Drake. Assisti Happy Go Lucky mas confesso que a Polly me irritou um bocado, rsrsrs. Até comentei lá no blog.

  2. sim, eu vi voce comentando sobre os outros filmes do mike leigh. eu 'secrets and lies' e 'vera drake' faz muito tempo, ainda no brasil.
    outro dia vi uma materia com a otima sally hawkings. a proposito, veja 'made in dagenham', outra amostra do cinema independente ingles. adoooro! :-)
    fiquei impressionada em another year com a interpretacao da Lesley Manville. que atriz!!!