Thursday, 3 May 2012

le plat du jour: nigerian beans

3 may 2012

photo taken from my mobile phone
it was 8 degrees outside this morning. two days ago they said on the bbc it has been the wettest drought in many years in uk. the days have been wet, windy, and cold. i thought it would be a good call for me to stay in my flat and work from home. it turned out that it was almost noon and i was still in my pajamas. so cozy!!!

i did some of the packing i have to do around here, watched the news, and cooked myself good, fresh, food:
cod and parsley fishcake with nigerian baked beans [a delicious present from my nigerian friend okon], and jasmine rice. it all tasted really good. i still have leftovers for two more meals.

it is 7.35pm now and it feels cold inside here. it's 8.5C degrees outside. am happy i decided to stay in today. only thing is i need to get more things done.

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