Tuesday, 29 March 2011

film: submarine

from yesterday, 28 mar 2011

Director : Richard Ayoade
Producer : Mary Burke, Mark Herbert, Andy Stebbing
Screenwriter : Richard Ayoade
Starring : Craig Roberts, Yasmin Paige, Sally Hawkins, Noah Taylor, Paddy Considine, Gemma Chan

yesterday mike and i saw this great film at harbour lights. set in Wales, Submarine, adapted from Joe Dunthorne’s novel, is Richard Ayoade’s debut as a film director. the film is a funny, romantic, and truthful portrait of teenage life in the 1980s in Britain, when we had no computers, social networks or mobile phones between us and contacts were mostly done in person and or by landline phones. this alone gives the film a particular charm. i saw the other day an interview on tv Ayoade and the main actor, Craig Roberts.

Oliver Tate’s (Craig Roberts) plans are to lose his virginity to his outspoken school sweetheart Jordana (Yasmin Paige); and to save his parents’ marriage. the schoolboy is more educated by his books than by his parents. From the beginning of the film Oliver reminded me of Salinger’s Holden Caulfield. i love the scene in which he gives Jordana three books: one by Nietzsche, one by Shakespeare, and Salinger’s ‘the catcher in the rye’. the books are the synthesis and the very essence of his thinking, I suppose. Oliver’s Dad (Noah Taylor) is a depressed marine biologist and his mother, Jill, (the great Sally Hawkings – see her also in Made in Dagenham) a frustrated civil servant who finds herself trying to be back to an old times’ relationship with her first love (Paddy Considine).

the film has made me laugh and feel light and delighted by the fantastic interpretations and use of colours and some special effects, like when Oliver is in his bed after Jordana breaks up with him and his bed is transplanted to the ocean.

photography is great. the effects and the colours give the impression that it is not a low budget / independent film. Carefully and creatively planned, Submarine is unique, lively, witty, and also about human pain and truth. it is delightful entertainment. i highly recommend it.


  1. Thanks for the recommendation - I will look for it, it sounds amazing. :)
    Also, thanks for the comment on my blog, it really cheered me up.

    Ana xx

  2. my pleasure, Ana. am certain you'll appreciate the film

  3. legal seu blog tbm, vou comecar a seguir, morei em Portsmouth 1 ano e meio, eh colocado com Southampton :-)

  4. sabado passado fui a Porstmouth, fazer compras e andar pela praia :-) cidade charmosa aquela, hein.
    beijo e obrigada pela visita,

  5. oooiiii, lembro de voce. lembro, sim. viajamos juntos, foi?! :)

  6. oi Cintia, viajamos juntas. sera que foi em julho, voltando de fortaleza? eu voltei por fortaleza, vindo de TAP. lembro que conversei com voce e voce me falou que ia ter nene em fortaleza. que interessante a coincidencia!
    espero que esteja tudo muito feliz com voce e com sua filhinha e a familia toda.

  7. Este vai pra minha lista de Must See Movies. Até porque, adoro the catcher in the rye...

  8. esse voce tem que ver, Beth. e por favor me diz o que achou, ok?