Monday, 28 March 2011

exercising with david cameron

28 mar 2011

i just saw at the 'breakfast news' on bbc 1, this very first news programme of the day i watch nearly every day, an interview with a personal trainer talking about the way Prime Minister David Cameron runs. they showed footages of the Mr Cameron running with his fellows and the trainer made comments on how wrongly he is running and he should run instead. apparently Mr Cameron is tense, which affects his running in an obvious negative way. they also pointed out the fact that if we today witness such an important person to the country exercising it does send out the message 'go and exercise you, too. it is important'. the personal trainer emphasised that people do not realise how much exercising affects our decisions we make daily. i feel like going for a nice walk at the common now, but i'll leave it for later on, when i leave the house for other things, too. one nice image from the minister exercising is the contact with nature. breathing pure air is so invigorating.

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