Wednesday, 16 March 2011

my optician's appointment

16 mar 2011

mike: so did you go to your optician's appointment this morning?
kalina: oh yes i did.
mike: how was it?
kalina: i got there a little before 9 and was seen straight away. excellent service. yes the woman was very nice and i am pleased i went cause i'll have now the spare glasses in case the lens falls off again.
mike: how did you go? did you get the bus?
kalina: nope. i walked there. it is nice to walk to city here. guess what.
mike: you asked the woman to take your photo.
kalina: yes.
(both have big time laugh)
kalina: mike, how can people (some guys) be out on the streets wearing a t-shirt and not a single warmer jumper? it was seven degrees this morning.
mike: the hard guys.

note: the photo from the post i took myself. the lady took one, but i insisted and took another one, and decided to publish mine. yes, i am insatiable with photos.
here is how much i paid this morning at specsavers for my reading glasses: £ 151:

-  £ 22 for eye test there included test for glaucoma and diabetes. the optician said my sight is great and my laser surgery was a success. thus i have nothing to worry about. she said my sight is so fine she did not think appropriate to make the prescription stronger. phew!
- £ 99 for two pairs of glasses. i got the frames slightly different.
- £ 30 for anti reflective lenses in one of the pair glasses.

so far so good and i am really pleased with both the service and the final price. i'll come round there this next monday to collect the glasses.


  1. Ah, eu paguei uma pequena fortuna por óculos novos e um novo par de lentes, felizmente a consulta é paga pelo convênio. De qualquer forma, eu sou bem cegueta e pedi lentes mais finas com antireflexo e tal... rs

  2. PS. Adorei a foto! Aqui no Brasil o equipamento é bem diferente, não é mesmo? Um trambolhão que não permite nem ver o rosto do paciente.

  3. Karen, e aqui a gente paga um e leva dois. vou reclamar de que, ne nao? hehe so paguei antireflexo em um, pra economizar mesmo, mas o preco final ficou mais baixo que no brasil, mesmo eu pagando a consulta, que eh la mesmo na otica.
    a foto ficou charmosa, num ficou? essa foi eu mesma quem tirou. e o sucesso da danada no facebook eh que foi uma beleza. tim tim para minha cara de pau.