Thursday, 31 March 2011

U2B: civic centre - home

31 mar 2011

note: i've already written a little bit about things that happen in a bus, but from now on i will write about specific bus trips i take, or underground or whatever, i mean, about what i see here while using public transportation. this idea of dealing with the topic in this 'organized' way was inspired by karen's kafka na praia. i love her posts about her bus trips.

today i walked to city to collect my new pair of glasses and took the bus back home. for lunch at supreme, had the usual won ton noodle soup and a portion of dumplings. it was good but i’ll buy myself some dumplings from the chinese supermarket, for the sake of saving up some money and eating more dumplings.

on my way home, about 2pm, i saw the bus from inside Matalan, and i ran not to miss it. the bus driver was, as many times they are, smiley and polite. because I had to stay a while in the bus before it actually left (if only I had known I wouldn’t have run) i decided to find myself a seat this time. for most of the trips I just stand in the bus, cause it is not a long one. i live in the uni halls; so, I am exempted from paying for the bus fee. all i need to do is to swipe my student card in the bus card reader. handy, huh!

looking around me i spot two passengers having their (official) meal. Lunch here is only a sandwich for many people, especially for the English. this one guy, accompanied by girl is talking to her and eating at the same time, using the same hand he might have just used to access the bus and maybe to get money to pay for the bus. I look and see this girl eating little pieces of something from a supermarket bag. I wonder how hygienic this is. Neither the guy nor the girl looks at the food. Why do I find it strange? Do we look at the food as we eat it? I think I do sometimes, but maybe not always, especially when I am entertained with any other activity, but my food and i are always clean. that’s for sure.

right behind me there is a young guy who talks loudly with this friend of his who is now in the bus in a language I cannot understand or identify. it sounds eastern european. a variety of languages is a constant in the bus.


  1. Não ter que pagar o ônibus... Bem que isso poderia existir por aqui na época em que era estudante. Teria economizado horrores... rs

    Comer no ônibus é algo que não faço desde os tempos de colégio, também acho muito pouco higiênico...

  2. pois eh, Karen. eu nao pago porque moro na acomodacao da universidade.

    comer no onibus eh, alem de pouco higienico, falta de respeito com o alimento, eu acho.