Friday, 20 April 2012

my new toy

20 april 2012

yey!!! my new toy is in my hands already. thanks to suggestions from mike, candido neto, and ana i got to the decision of buying this one canon, which i had been dreaming of for quite a while. i ordered it on tuesday evening and got it yesterday. excellent timing for the delivery. i was in the office yesterday when the delivery man phoned me to say he had a package for me but no one seemed to be in the flat to get it. that was an unexpected phone call with good news. hehehe we then agreed that he would take the parcel [a box, as he said], to gateley hall, the place all mail larger than our mailbox are delivered to. of course i came home earlier and went to collect it at gateley. battery is charged, had a few tries. am happy!!!


  1. Brilliant choice, I am sure it will make you very happy :) xx

  2. valeu, grande Ana. sua opiniao com explicacao e detalhes sobre as vantagens e funcionamento das cameras foi super bacana.
    am happy!!!

  3. Love it! How exciting! E' linda! A minha e' uma Nikon ;D Essa tua lente e' massa!