Tuesday, 24 April 2012

well done, ying

24 april 2012

our friend ying wang, from china, has just passed her viva [the final phd examination]. i am very happy for her. i have witnessed many shortcomings she went through during the process of her phd. she just said that many times she thought about giving up on the course, but did stay instead.

i remember that she, like me, had many long unproductive spells, desperating and 'uncontrollable' in her own words. now she is here, ellegantly dressed up and nearly done with everything. the examiners gave her a month for minor corrections, with the main body of her research considered fine. yey!!!

i won't list problems here, but we who do a phd know how it can become at times . . . i feel so much more encouraged from seeing ying success. we have talked a lot about our difficulties. but there are also soooo many positive things that happen, too. sharing and supporting are keys words all the way. very nice indeed.

cheers to ying and to perseverance!


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    1. pois eh, eh uma super conquista. infelizmente nao posso listar as dificuldades dela que eu testemunhei, mas digo que to super feliz por ela.