Friday, 20 April 2012

vinyl records

20 april 2012

are you buying vinyl records these days? what do you think about it? they said just now at breakfast that people are buying them because they need something 'physical' to see and touch since we no longer need
cds, because we can listen to them on mp3 files.

i was surprised when i first saw vinyl records being sold at concerts here. i thought they belonged in the past, full stop. mike has a massive collection of vinyl records and says the sound is much better than the one from a cd. i am not sure about that. but i think it is interesting to come back to a larger form of organizing music. i actually like it and find it romantic and very musical. i also think it gives us a special mode when we listen to vinyls.


  1. I still buy "special" records in vinyl if they are available. I find there is something magical about them :)


    1. yes, Ana, magical!!! i remember straight my original, old, vinyl records and also think they today they represents a tribute to soooo many talented artists who are no longer here.