Tuesday, 17 July 2012

and the flame comes to town

17 july 2012

This past Saturday 14 July was the turn for Southampton to receive the visit of the Olympic torch.
We checked out the itinerary and decided to try and see it in two different locations.
1.      By the Bargate . The rain didn’t stop the thrill of the event. First we had several of the sponsors pass: coca cola, Samsung, a bank, and other people to cheer up the audience.
Then there comes the town crier . The town crier was the old form of announcing the news in a dedicated spot in town. When he walked back I asked him to give me a smile for a photo. My camera was not fast enough to capture the smile, but I got an image of him anyway.
And there comes Chris Goodwin, with a woman guiding him by holding his left arm and running together with him. He is a blind triathlete. It was actually a very touching moment to see him carrying the Olympic torch.

1.      After the torch passed the Bargate we headed for the Mayflower Park , the final stop and culmination of the journey in Southampton. Of course we encountered a massive crowd of people who had the same idea. This time the person carrying the torch was Gillian Rose. Gillian Rose is from Southampton.

1.      After the torch ceremony the English ritual usually ends up in a pub. We went to the Admiral Sir Lucius Curtis to eat Mexican burger. Cheers team GB!!!
n next stop: Brazil


  1. We were at the Mayflower Park!!!

    1. oh nice!!!
      although the crowd was not too large or scary it might not have been so easy to find people. we didn't find johnny there. we only met afterwards.