Friday, 30 November 2012

a day away from phd work

30 nov 2012

note: i tried to insert a photo here. blogger told me i ran out of space for photos. what??? the post seems naked to me without a photo. it should be fine. for now.

yesterday i decided to stay home in the morning. i took the time to contact some people in brazil to try and sort out some 'things'. also, to stay longer in bed. got up at 9am. very good!!

then, it was almost 1pm when i took the bus to city centre.

i had chinese buffet at the ocean dragon. ate less than usual and drank less than usual as i had leftovers from both tea and water. still, it felt like my belly was about to explode.

after lunch i walked around the german christmas market a bit. it is almost the same as every year, with food from some countries and german sausage in a bun and a german bar. it was about 2.30 and there was not much going on really. in previous years i've seen a busier market sometime after 5pm, when people leave work, i suppose, and find time to appreciate some food and drinks.

then i met with diana and went shopping and chatting. it was very cold and i had more layers than i would like to need to beat the cold. after shopping we took the bus back home together, got off in portswood road, went for some grocery shopping at sainsbury's, stood at the corner of the mitre talking for a while, and said good bye.

it was 5.20ish when i got back home. it was absolutely dark, night time and i was still feeling super full. took a long and renovating shower, watched some tv, and kept mike company while he ate because all i could have were two cups of cleanse tea. well, i still tried a little bit of the pasta he made.

later on we watched an episode of 'the hour' together. this series is getting really good. it was so cold last night that i changed my shorts for warm trousers and put on thick, winter socks.

it was just as cold this morning, with frost in the car. i've been in the office all day, and as most of the days, i had my lunch right here, at my desk. if i am not going to meet with a friend for lunch i don't bother to leave the office to eat. i feel tired but the day has been productive. i have so, so so so much work to do. i keep thinking i can't be faster even now that i need it so much. maybe i should just keep going and quit fighting myself.

ellie is back in the office today after three months away in three different countries, collecting data for her research. she told me she has been working like crazy all day, basically. i can't see myself doing the same, because after some hours my productivity is compromised. it was nice to catch up a bit. she is nearly finished. she invited me to go to the crown tonight. but nope, i can't tonight, already have something else planned.

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