Tuesday, 27 November 2012

the days

27 nov 2012

this is my lunch for today: a sandwich with seeded bread, turkey, ricota, a little bit of camembert, loads of watercress and a sliced salad tomate. for dessert clementine and plum. 

i went again by the bank today. when i was at lattes cafe [at 7.30 this morning] to wait for the bank to open at 9 i was thinking i should write a new post today, but had no clue what to write about or rather have had too much stuff going on in my busy head. oh well, when i took the lunch photo i thought it would be nice to show it here, more or less this is the beginning of it all. for today.


things were very quick at the bank, with no queue. i really enjoyed going there again and walking back through highfield campus to avenue campus, where i have spent most of my time in the past two months. yes, now i realize my daytime weekday life has been concentrated around this area, which goes until portswood road, with portswood road occupying also some of my nights. i am more like a free bird on weekends.

this week the temperature is going down, they say. it has gone down already, i feel it. but again it felt very nice to take this quite short walk in this sunless morning all wrapped up to protect myself from the cold. i have many things to do today. am writing a chapter about the brazilian context. i will provide an overview of education in brazil, the teaching of english, and teacher professional development there. not sure why but i feel overwhelmed with the massive amount of information i have gathered for this. will need to make practical decisions so that the chapter gets its planned length, no shorter, no longer. 

other than that i can't help but say i have really enjoyed every day here, appreciating the beautiful things the change of the seasons bring. perhaps there is already a sense of missing this place where i have lived for over four years now.

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