Friday, 6 May 2011

back to the raft

6 may 2011

today i finally put my hands and my mind back into my research. i can't believe this day has come!!! no words i have to express my relief for i have been too disconnected with this, which should always be my number one priority. duty priorities shouldn't have to wait for inspiration. they should just be there and i should just face them in the same way i accept and don't neglect my hygiene routine. but no no no! my last days were a mix of despair and guilt for not working on my thesis and on the other hand trying to lead a normal life. this blog has received much attention and this may give the reader the misleading impression that all my writing is up to date. no no no! only today did i actually manage to do what i had been dreaming of for quite a while.

diana came to the office today and we agreed on a coffee / endless chat for later on. she sort of changed plans and accepted andrew's (andrew is her boyfriend) invite to celebrate one of his friends' viva at the crown. i thanked her very much but i was not in the mood for socializing. meeting up with diana is socializing, too, of course, but in very much relaxed terms. since i was not going to the crown inn we just had some cafe feliz at the avenue campus garden, because the days have been warm and inviting for outdoor activities. andrew came by to fetch her to the pub and i was headed home, very happy for feeling useful and productive again, at last. amem!

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