Wednesday, 4 May 2011

catching up at the crown inn

4 may 2011

diana and i had not met in a while, both because she hasn't come much to the office lately and now because of the easter break, when she traveled back home. she came by the office today and we walked together to the crown inn at 6pm to eat and chat, and we did chat. i ate a burger with pineapple and mushroom and new potatoes (not chips). she ate a spicy burger. and we talked about her recent trip to romenia and about relationships and life and plans and academia and frustration and expectations and dreams and money and how it is rare these days. maybe because of its location the crown inn is a magnet for folks from uni. we saw many people we know there; and today was the german and french day. loads of them. hello hello hello hello

we talked a lot but didn't really stay at the pub very long. then, we walked together to highfield campus. she lives behind hartley library, and i was headed to the interchange to get my bus back home.


  1. e ce gosta de pinneaple no burguer? ahhh nao! detesto :)

  2. muita gente nao gosta de misturar doce com sal, cintia. eu adoro. adoro peru, ou frango mesmo, com figo. adoro o sabor de frutas na comida.