Saturday, 7 May 2011

karla's birthday party

7 may 2011

we just came back from karla's birthday party. later on we're going to our new year's curry celebration, in winchester.

karla's birthday party was at her boyfriend's (thomas) place, in Fareham, a small city located about 10 miles or 16.09 km from southampton. attending the party we were nine adults and a 21-month old cute boy called leonidas, who receives greek input from his father, french language from his mom, and english at the nursery he goes to.

i counted among us seven nationalities, these being the countries: brazil, greece, france, uk, iran, taiwan, and cyprus; and six different native languages: portuguese, greek, french, english, persian, and chinese. this was a great mix and we had a good laugh together and ate and drank and celebrated karlota's birthday.

the food was all vegetarian and delicious. karla prepared a salpicao, farofa, rice, and a very good brazilian feijoada. oh my i loved to have farofa. the girls baked a cake and i made a green salad with rocket, watercress, spinach, celery, cherry tomatoes, grain mustard, caesar dressing, and sprinkled parmesan cheese on top. it was very good and i was really pleased to make it. it has made me think that throughout the years i have been asked by family members back home in brazil to fix one of the dessert plates in our gatherings. a green salad seems to be a more sensible option for me to prepare, i suppose.


  1. ótimo ter você nesse dia! Karla x

  2. sua festa foi otima, karlotinha. animada e bem comportada :-)