Thursday, 19 May 2011

manha tao bonita manha

19 may 2011

i went to bed last night thinking of going for a walk at the park this morning. i woke up this morning feeling my life would get stuck if i didn't go for the walk. i checked out the weather: 5 degrees and a beautiful sunshine. for a moment i felt tempted to stay indoors but it was clear to me i needed and did want the walk.

am thankful to the birds singing to me everytime i walk at the park and i feel so much better, i breath fresh air, my digestion improves right away; the list of benefits is endless. i get answers to some puzzles that have been keeping me company, i clear my head.

tao bom caminhar na manha tao bonita manha.


  1. adorei as fotos. muito bom caminhar mesmo, sai com a pequena hoje a tarde pra uma esticada tambem. beijos.

  2. Amei a primeira foto, tão serena!

  3. valeu as garotas apreciarem a foto :-)