Thursday, 5 May 2011

music: emily barker in winchester

5 may 2011

emily barker and the red clay halo in winchester
emily barker and the red clay halo in winchester
great show tonight at the railway in winchester. emily barker & the red clay halo. she is a guitarrist and song-writer from australia. it is so good to be close to the musician and really feel them making music. this original experience no cd or dvd will ever provide. the girls so reminded me of the dixie chicks. the harmony of the instruments is magic. once again we were sitting in the first row, right there, in the best place. their song 'pulse' is now the opening theme song for bbc two tv series 'the shadow line', a crime and investigation series. pulse is a great song.

before emily barker harp device played as the support band of the night. the link i found to the band is the right one, but it was a different girl singing this time. they are a new band from basingstoke, a city nor far from here. they write and sing their own songs. there is music everywhere in this country, and there are always people coming to the gigs. it is amazing.

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