Thursday, 14 June 2012


14 june 2012

mudeford beach, england - november 2010

i still can't believe i spent many hours today working in the wrong version of my analysis chapter. since the beginning i found there was something strange as i couldn't find some information i expected would be there. also, a long bit i had deleted in the last / right version was there today. despite this i kept going until it became too complicated. only then i remembered i had started a new version to the chapter and that this one i had been working on was way too old, just not deleted yet. the new one is sign posted and everything. it was my lack of attention, really. i know crying doesn't help, but it worries me to think i that distracted [?].


  1. infelizmente acontece com todo mundo, espero que hpje possa recuperar um pouco do seu trabalho..
    PS: Foto linda!

    1. pois eh, ontem mesmo eu retomei no arquivo certo. faz parte da jornada.
      obrigada pela foto linda. linda eh a natureza :-)