Friday, 15 June 2012

brazilian get together

15 june 2012

at the cowherds pub
last night we went to the cowherds to celebrate frances' 1st year PhD presentation. we were six, all brazilians: adriano, his wife dani, me, karla, frances, and ana, who left husband orlando looking after cutie little one hugo. it was raining when we left avenue campus. it had been raining for hours, i mean, it has been raining for days, and we have no promises of anything different from this for the weekend. frances drove us to the pub. we ate and chatted chatted chatted. i walked back home with adriano and dani, who live further down the road, in shirley. yes, rain was torrential when we left the pub. we all had our umbrellas ready for the nice rain.  am glad it is not as cold as it was yesterday, when i was actually shivering with cold in bed.
cheers to frances. cheers to our get together. it was fantastic and warmed my heart in this wet summer.


  1. Oi Kalina,
    Esses momentos são inesquecíveis.Como você falou, aquece o coração.
    Bj e bom fim de semana,

    1. isso mesmo, Lylia. sao especiais.
      beijo e um bom fim de semana pra voce tambem,