Thursday, 5 November 2009

prescription for happiness

05 Nov 2009

highfield campus today 5 nov 2009

whenever you feel quite tired and fear you can no longer concentrate and be productive, i mean, those days  . . . when you're drained and all you see before your eyes (mind) is a bed, silence, and a fair rest. well, give your hairdresser a call and you may be lucky enough to find a free slot for an appointment. go ahead and get it. go to that hairdresser where people don't care much about others around, where they go to get rid of any sign of ugliness or ageing, where you can just sit, be treated, check out the gossip magazines . . . and after a little while you do look and feel so much better. and, guess what, you'll have had a quite productive day afterall.
that was me today. ah, on your way to the hairdresser do whatever else pleases you, such as taking pictures of . . . whatever.


  1. hahaha I know the guy sitting on that bench.

    I am glad I haven't read this post before our meeting today. I was scared enough when I thought that you had died your hair in a sunset psychedelic mix of tones and curled in a way that had doubled the thickness of the hair. Phew, that was not my friend! Thanks God, her hair still look fabulous, by the way.

  2. hehehe Hilra, how could you think i was the woman if the hair was so different? what exactly in the man made you associate her to me?

    yey!!! you got the message posted. so cool. yes, hope the advice just brings peace for lots of people all over the place.