Saturday, 7 November 2009


07 Nov 2009

i've already mentioned here that i had a quite busy week and that i was feeling super tired. well, last night i went to bed around 11 o'clock, after doing some readings for my literature review. i was so tired last night i could not go to Viktoria's farewell party, which has made me feel bad, but i was not really in proper conditions for such an endeavour.

got up this morning still tired. i did a little work in the laptop and jumped back in bed. this jumping back in bed over weekends is something i hold precious as it is never possible on weekdays. even breaskfast today i had only after 9am. actually, i woke up around 7am, but remained in bed. . . 'so lucky to be me' but i actually sang 'so happy to be me' :-) (this is a line from a song). at first i doubted i was going to make it to city centre, because my list of to-do things was far from short. i ended up leaving  later than i had planned, but i did go and do practically everything listed. YEY!!!

after an invigorating shower i felt much better and ready to go. my list included places / shops such as: matalan, poundland, tkmaxx, supreme (chinese restaurant), bhs, boots pharmacy, aldi (went to asda instead). these are the places, along with a really long list of items to buy both for me and to take to brazil. i can't believe i did almost everything, calmly, despite the long queues everywhere and my being tired.

there is no need to list the things i did not manage to do because they can wait. i want to concentrate on what i accomplished, which was going places, walking around, well planned with my big backpack plus my 'use me again and again' bag cumade gave to me, enough to accommodate the 'shopping'. i bought some presents, some food, eye drops and had, once again, a nice, warm, chinese meal at supreme restaurant. i have the same dish everytime i go there. as a matter of fact, as soon as the lady from the restaurant sees me coming over she asks in an assertive mode: 'wonton noodle soup?' and smiles. i smile back and sit and wait and have my delicious chinese soup. the other day she suggested i tried something different; so i had seafood noodle soup; but the wonton is better, i think.

southampton is indeed a multicultural city. i was waiting for my food at supreme restaurant (and took the time to check out on my to-do list) and realized i was sharing the table with people speaking a language i didn't identify right away. i asked this guy which language they were speaking: 'tagalog', he said. this is the language from the philipines. he saw my paper with the list of things - some writing - and asked me if that was a survey: 'nope, this is a shopping list. i'm just curious about the language', i replied. we chatted a bit about the influence of spanish in their language.

oh happy saturday! i still want to go to a jazz concert later on on turner sims concert hall, but let's see how it goes. i like to think i am free and go if really want to.

update: i decided not to go to the theater, because i have loads to do right here. instead, i went to the kitchen, cooked some pasta with pesto sauce and stir fry vegetables. i added seastick to it. warm and yummy. there is some leftover in the fridge :-) mark: 8.0. my scale is 0 to 10. no photographs of the food this time. after the food i wanted to have some coffee, but preparing the coffee would be too much work just now. i then went for a soothing orange, mango and cinnamon tea. this might make up for the negotiation post.

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  1. Brasil! Hummmm you just said the magic word. mmmmmmmm tell you later what's on my mind.

    Have a nice week, darling!