Friday, 27 November 2009

‘wait a minute mister postman’

27 nov 2009

I got my cute white voice recorder in the mail today. All the parcels addressed to St Margaret’s, which is where I live, are delivered to Gateley hall, where we should go and fetch them. Only envelope letters are kept here in our mailboxes, because these are not large enough for the parcels. Well, I’ve made my way to Gateley Hall quite often lately actually as I have bought some stuff – books and dvds – from Amazon.

I was ready to go once again for this one, but, surprise surprise I got this nice phone call on Friday morning. During the day I really basically never pick up phone calls as I am almost always at the office busy with something. This time I felt my mobile vibrating in my backpack and decided to check it out. Of course when I got it the call was ended. I called it back and spoke with this gentle mister postman. Yes, the postman waited a minute to deliver the parcel for me. Sooo cool!!! It took me a little while to understand what was going on, but he was very clear: he was in St Margaret’s, he had a parcel for me and wanted to know if it would be ok for me if her left the parcel right there in my flat. It surprised me for it was really unexpected. Plus, I wondered how he would have access to my flat. I said ‘yes, please, thank you, be my guest, just drop it in there and you make me happy.’ He did it.

When I got home Li came by my room with the voice recorder, which is going to be a very important instrument in my research to register data and make my life easier. I will record so many events to come. . . oh my!!! This new toy of mine is very light and white and modern. Indeed.


  1. As I told ya, I am not reading this post LOL I AM NOT, excuse me1!! I want a white little one too buaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa mine is not white, worse than this...mine is not even mine buaaaaaaaaaaa

    oh yes, get yourself one of these. it should be really useful. but, if you have the other one, why bother?
    i so know you're not reading this post :-)

  3. yes, of course i am not reading this post, darling. I would get one of those in future, if I am to do another research, but for now, well...equisquiuze meeeeeeeeeeee but I am finishing the data collection hehe

  4. sem falar no gentilissimo mr postman hehehe

  5. hahaha e agora foi que me ocorreu que uma criatura que ja andava armada de CD dogotal fotografando mundos e fuindos, agora tem mais essa que meda LOL

  6. heheheh era so o que faltava, hein, eu ser a Ms. gadget. haaaa
    logo que nao entendo nada de tecnologia, so um pouco de filosofia :-)