Wednesday, 11 November 2009

to spread out or not to spread out

11 nov 2009

today i got up feeling even worse, with a hoarse voice, and feeling pain all over the body. i asked myself how i was going to make it to the day, as i would have a class to teach at 9am. well, took a shower, had cereal with banana and yogurt, and headed to uni - avenue campus. i had spent the night coughing too much, and had coughed and sneezed a lot during the day yesterday. i took a bottle of water with me to the classroom and delivered the planned lesson of the day: tutorials. after a while i started to feel a little better.

i knew i had three appointments during the day: - lunch at noon with some friends, to celebrate hsuya's birthday; - a pgr talk at 1pm; and - a calr presentation at 5pm, about which i was highly interested (topic: elf). moreover, i didn't  want any nasty looks on me (remember i looked ill with the cough). i was really not sure whether i should go or not to the canteen for the lunch to start with, but i did go anyway. i did a little - and cynical - survey to feel people's acceptance on my current 'state of the art'. they were all admant in telling me i should not attend any of the talks of the day, and that i could go next week, trying to console me, and obviously to convince me to stay away with my germs. i was at that time - lunch time - thinking of going, cause i was no longer sneezing or coughing.

it was funny because later on i was at my desk, next to hsuya's, and najima came over to greet hsuya for her birthday. nagima took the chance to say that yes i should go to the calr presentation at 5. i also knew they would go to the cowherds after the presentation, as we did the other day. najima asked for hsuya's confirmation that i should come along, which she did, but i knew she thought i was not in the best shape to be in a closed lecture theater with lots of people. i didn't go, after all. i also had an extra good reason not to go: i have lots lots lots to do, about both my research and my teaching. one thing at a time, kalina. i decided not to spread out my so called swine flu. photos: notes posted on campus.

life is about making choices most of the time. this morning i was feeling so weak that really doubted i was going to make it to uni. i thought of going to city centre as well after uni as i have some things to do over there, but changed my mind on this. i believe i ended up making the most sensible choice by staying in the office until half past 6 and doing some important work on my research.

it has been so many days i don't go anywhere with my friends. . . last week i didn't go to the cinema with diana and her housemates, did not go to viktoria's farewell party, did not go to the jazz concert on turner sims i wanted sooo much, and even worse didn't email these people to apologize. i saw diana this afternoon by chance in a trip to the loo, in the corridor. i started to apologize. . . she understands perfectly and said she thought i might have been really busy and that was the reason for my not showing up at all. then we taaaalked standing right in the corridor for a good while. she is such a nice friend. she said i should just invite her wherever i go. nice!

i came back home and decided it was time i needed to cook some, because when i eat at uni it is expensive and nothing special. i did the almost always pasta, but this cooking deserves a post. :-)

i had nice conversations with my students today about learning strategies, but this too is enough for a very nice post. learning strategies is a topic i love and think it deserves good thinking. today i write a little bit but it is about the impossibility of keeping updated track of all that happens during the day as well. the day is nearly gone. . . what's left? this worries me a lot. sometimes the plan and the best is to just keep going.
it's been about 40 minutes i am writing, because i stopped to do some job in a photograph for this post. i am actually waiting for my dishes to dry up a little in the kitchen before i dry them with the cloth and put them away. oh my!

cheers!!! to life!!! i had a tea day today, with chance for one cup of coffee only. when i finish it here i will put my dishes away and have an orange, mango & cinnamon tea. what about you? please drink something along with me, and celebrate joy! cheers!!!


  1. Hey Marta
    miss you. how's it going?

  2. Hehehe. "...and obviously to convince me to stay away with my germs."

  3. Morena maroca, ve se toma um chazinho de alho com mel e li8mao, Lemsip tb ajuda. Sem falar em se meter debaixo dos edredons e dormir sem culpa, babe. Amanha vou pra o seminario, saio de manha bemmmmm cedinho. Depois te conto tuuuuuudo. Se cuida, fia. Inte

  4. Tava aqui pensando, temos que botar um mapa do Clsters nesse blog, assim o mapa das visitas vai crescendo. Beijoca

  5. hilra, to beeem melhor. acho que era mesmo mais pra alergia a tal da ziguizeira, ou mesmo mal olhado. hehe porque voce sabe que isso acontece quando a crianca eh muito graciosa.
    va com Deus, aproveite a conferencia e me conte tudo depois. beijo