Sunday, 1 November 2009

oh happy day!

1st Nov 2009

oh happy day!!!!
i was planning to go for my inspiring walk in the Common this morning, but the day came up rainy and windy. i don't mind the rain, i can happily walk through it, the wind is a little problematic. moreover, it was pouring early in the morning, it was not really good to walk in that rain. so, i decided to stay home instead.

i have not even gone to avenue campus yet. i might go later on, but i doubt it. well, i stay home but that doesn't mean i have the whole day free to watch movies and have fun. actually, i am super busy with different materials to read for my research and also materials from the classes i am teaching now. the good thing about staying home is that here i listen to my soft jazz at itunes, from apple. right now listening to Carmen Mcrae. sooo good.

people complain about the weather, but i, as weird as it may seem, do love the rain, and the chilly days. this fall / winter has been the opposite of what it was like last year. i do feel now more comfortable with the place around me, with the weather, and loads of other things. my comfort about the weather can be observed in the fact that i no longer need so many covers to go outside as i feel stronger to face the cold, which, let's be honest, has not arrived yet. :-) 

anyway, i thought about this post to talk of words, words, loads of them, and the absence of them when i need them most. my life is pretty much around words. i have this impression that the words. . . that free me from anguish all the time, are also what get me stuck many times, particularly concerning my research right now. when i have no idea on where to start from to write about my research, for example, i feel so stuck. and then again, it should the words the healing medicine. the words. . . the words of the wind, of the forest, of the Common. yesterday, while i was walking in the Common, i had this insight on how to organize the information i had read so far about Dick Allwright. it is always something which is in the very inside of me that will come to my aid and help me move on. with the words the blur fades away, slowly.

it is such a beautiful day. i have the heater on, contrasting with the outside chill. i have to keep my window open, not only for some fresh air but also to hear the wind blowing through the leaves of the trees. it feels great to be entering the coldest seasons of the year wearing shorts, a t-shirt, no socks, and barefoot in the room whenever i want to.

ain't life cool?

love, and good jazz :-)
Kalina Morena

update 4.06pm

i've just got back from an energizing walk in the park with Wei. lots of people with dogs  and children were there enjoying the day as well. we walk for 45 minutes. the birds were there, some sleeping, some singing for me. taking the walk makes me feel good and that i've done what i am supposed to :-)


  1. kalina!
    qto tempo! não sabia que vc tinha esse blog! agora vou acompanhar sempre. pelo visto tudo está bem tranquilo na velha England! leituras,aulas, pesquisas, do jeito q vc gosta!

  2. grande pedro,
    nem sempre 'tudo esta bem' :-) mas a gente vai levando. o blog oficial eh novo. antes eu escrevia de vez em quando. vem sim, prazer ter um leitor assim que nem voce.
    vou ao brasil em dezembro. se voce estiver em teresina eu adoraria dar um abraco nesse doutor quentura.
    pedrao pedrao pedrao es o rei da criacao!!!
    abraco grande pra voce e pra sua mae.

  3. Amei o post, a ausencia de maiusculas, a alegria de mudanca de estacao (que eu tb aprendi a apreciar). Eu amo essa epoca do ano, qdo a gente ve as folhas caindo, as arvores se desnudando e o povo em volta se cobrindo em mais e mais camadas de roupa. As cores do Outono sao algo de sublime.

    In re to your writing, I have to say that being stuck and lacning words is a common place. What is not a common place is the way you deal with it, the way you find beauty and grace on living your life. Yesterday we talked about emotions, or on showing emotions, especially about bring out tears in front of someone. I think that you are pure emotion in every sense and this is the gift you bring with your presence. Blessed are those who can share these moements with you. Yesterday I heard about passion. Your are a passionate person and this is glorious. This is why the birds sing for you and the trees whisper wisdom words to you.

  4. que comentario lindo, Maricota!!! as vezes eu acho que tenho que cuidar em maiusculas, mas eu gosto tanto de ser livre quando me eh possivel. no book review :-) eu procurei ser mais obediente, ou nao? de qualquer maneira, blog eh blog e pra mim so tem valor se for genuino, original, verdadeiro. to feliz porque to conseguindo isso, me abrir mais assim, publicamente.

    yes, way passionate :-) thanks a lot thanks a bunch for your words now about our words yesterday. yes, maybe this impression of yours is undoubtedly one of my features, and i don't way to change it, really. we have to take a walk in the park together. . . aimlessly, just to listen to the birds. they sing so beautifully. when we first started walking yesterday they were all quiet. i told Wei they were sleeping a little, because of the rain. well, i did walk a good bit and after a while we started to listen to them (i am almost copying them) and i thought they woke up for me and for the many - so many - visitors to the park. carpe diem!

  5. Tia,
    que bom poder estar acompanhando teu dia-a-dia e de certa forma podermos compartilhar sensações. Porque sim, através dos seus posts, eu quase consigo sentir frio nesta Teresina em pleno 'B-R-O bró'. A senhora vem em Dezembro?! Que notícia boa!
    O Henrique aprendeu a fazer pizza... vamos marcar logo uma noite com um bom lanche, tipo vcs trabalhando e eu comendo!


  6. pois eh, tambem quero saber de voces, se estao se comportando e tal :-)
    se voce consegue sentir no osso o frio da terra da rainha ou meu poder de persuasao eh muuito poderoso ou voce tem uma imaginacao fantastica. mas o frio grande mesmo ainda vai chegar, nesses dias. hoje ta frio e com chuva.
    sim, em dezembro o Henrique entao vai fazer pizza pra gente, ne nao? isso mesmo, ele cozinha e nos comemos hehehe eita, mas vai ser bom. ta marcada nossa noite com um bom lanche.