Sunday, 12 June 2011

beer festival

about yesterday, 11 june 2011

pub crawls [going from a pub to another pub for another drink] are highly popular here. last night jc, johnny, mike and i started off at 'the southwestern', mike's local pub. we stayed there for a while and decided to go check out the beer festival at 'the junction inn'. there were many people at the festival, of course, and a karaoke was going on. we stayed there for a while and were headed back to the southwestern later on.

the many locally brewed beers, the so many different drinks i have come to know here are fascinating. i plan to write a whole post about them. for now i show these beer barrels from the festival yesterday. at the end they are all gone. this is only a small sample of the many barrels they set up for the festival. people take it seriously and do drink them up.

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