Friday, 3 June 2011

six plus four

2 - 3 june 2011

. . . and listening to radio 6 and eating creamy prawns with chinese rice, cooked by her, at his place, with strawberries and cream for dessert and drinking orange juice and diet pepsi and going to harbour lights afterwards to watch the very american 'win win', directed by thomas mccarthy and starred by paul giamatti, amy ryan, and bobby cannavale, they celebrated 10 (six plus four or six plus one plus one plus one plus one or five plus five) months together. . .


  1. Oh! So cute! That long already?! Tell her she is great. Tell him, he's a lucky guy. Tell them they are great together ;-)

  2. :-)
    so lovely your comment in the same mode of the post, nene
    i told them about your comment. they loved it.

    assina: ela, anonima de novo. afff