Monday, 13 June 2011

feliz dia dos namorados

about yesterday, 12 june 2011
l'artiste et sa muse
12 june is valentine's day in brazil. it was justly celebrated here, too. how? by

- waking up in the morning to find a sweet valentine's day card at breakfast surprisingly written in portuguese 'feliz dia dos namorados';

- enjoying a rainy and windy day;

- going shopping for food [in the rain];

- appreciating andy warhol's exhibition at the city art gallery. the set of pieces at the city gallery are worth a visit. the other set, which is at hansard gallery at the university of southampton we didn't like very much;

- eating pear, garlic and mushroom cheese with stone baked bread for lunch;

- watching on cosy sofa the american film 'brother, where art thou?';

- eating 'winter in summer chicken' with new potatoes and drinking wine for dinner while listening to good brazilian music;

- . . .


  1. I LOVE the picture on this post! Veronica

  2. hehehe ficou artistica, ne nao? a gente tirou essa foto numa oficina de arte que era parte da exposicao do Andy Warhol. muito legal!!
    beijo , nene

  3. Onde a pessoa podia botar apetrechos em si pra foto, nera? Divertido! Nos tiramos em um no Texas. Veronica

  4. sim, foi muito interessante. eles reproduziram uma oficina de arte que ele tinha e ai a gente usava umas coisas e tal.

  5. This is the pic of the year!! (Viktoria)