Sunday, 19 June 2011

music: stacey kent in basingstoke

about yesterday, 18 june 2011

yesterday we went to stacey kent's wonderful jazz concert at the anvil in basingstoke. we also listened to her great music both ways on the road. what a day and what a night! the day was bright and beautiful when we drove there. the night was ours when we drove back to southampton. it was my third time seeing her show here and the first time with mike, who said he was happy to go to a concert of my choice, to listen to my music.

this show was a transition between her french cd / tour and the new one which should be released soon. she left the concert straight to the studio with her band. she told me she will come round next year with the new cd. i need to mark that one in my diary.

a few days before i sent her a message saying we would go to the show and said where we'd be seated. she spotted me and greeted me from the stage. i was thrilled. she has been to brazil a couple of times for concerts since i last saw her. mike was much impressed to see her treating by my first name. he said 'you two are friends on a first name basis'. during the break she autographed her cds that i have and love. and we had our photo taken.

'. . . quer guardar o mundo em mim' (Caetano Veloso)
she loves our music. stacey said beautiful things about brazil and its people and its music. she sang joao gilberto, jobim, and caetano. she introduced the song 'coracao vagabundo' by saying she fell in love with the lyrics of the song and explained to the audience how it represents the brazilian people who have so much hope and warmth and joy in their hearts. she translated the first lines into english but then sang it in portuguese:

'meu coracao nao se cansa
de ter esperanca
de um dia ser tudo o que quer
. . . ' caetano veloso

i loved the concert, once again. music inebriates my soul.


  1. Gosto muito dela cantando bossa nova em francês! Que privilégio, hein?

  2. Hi, nene! So nice to hear from you! What a super fun blog post! I very much enjoyed reading it :D

  3. Karen, o cd em frances, 'racconte moi', eh lindo. eh muito charmoso mesmo ela cantando aguas de marco em frances. no show de eastleigh, que eu fui em abril do ano passado fiquei sentada a menos de 2 metros da banda. fiquei ate com vergonha. o primeiro show foi numa catedral em winchester. liiindo o show. o ultimo agora num auditorio [normal] igualmente excelente. mas sempre fico perto do palco. sentir a musica eh uma emocao impar. eh outra musica, outro sentido, diferente do disco apenas.

    nene, so super nice to get your visit here!!! am so glad you enjoyed reading my post.

    ces duas, aguardem um tiquim ai que vou mandar email pra voces, ok? beijo

  4. A 2 metros da banda? Eu ia adorar! Eu sempre faco tudo pra ficar perto do palco tambem, em qualquer evento. Hehehe. Se tu escrever email eu vou amar! Dia desses a Claire veio me dar o telefone falando que era uma amiga minha do Brasil. Na hora eu pensei que era voce e fiquei feliz :( Nem era, o'. Veronica

  5. oh, mas qualquer hora eh eu :-) outro dia eu tava me lembrando que a gente ficava 3 horas falando ao telefone do tennessee pro wisconsin, lembra? e nao faltava assunto. um dia eu desliguei correndo com o fone quentissimo no meu ouvido.
    o email chega, sim. so to meio corridex por aqui, mas a sintonia ta valendo total. beijo

  6. eu a vi no JO soares, é linda né? SE soubesse do shoe dela tinha ido tambem.