Friday, 10 June 2011

o latifundio

10 june 2011

as already mentioned here, i live in the uni halls, sharing a flat with other six international students. my space in the fridge is limited to a single shelf. my space in the freezer is limited to a single shelf. as i was complaining about it a few days ago to amanda, the girl from canada, she told me that alex, the american guy, has left for good. by the way, he didn't even say goodbye to anyone other than amanda, maybe. this means i can therefore have an extra shelf in both the fridge and the freezer. it is the beginning of some luxury and more joy around here.


  1. hurray for extra space! E que bonita a foto de vcs dois no dia dos namorados :)

  2. hehehe a festa do espaco tem dias contados, infelizmente, mas pra ser feliz por uns dias, ne nao? sim, a foto ta uma belezura nao eh? eh da exposicao do ANdy Warhol, usando umas coisas que tinha la na oficina de arte como ele tinha em nova york.