Friday, 10 June 2011

groupon hair

10 june 2011

this past tuesday i went to the hairdresser to have wash, cut, blow dry and conditioning plus shiatsu massage. i bought the package for a competitive price from groupon. this is the hair of the day, when the result seemed fine, but now i am thinking i will need another haircut soon as i am not too pleased. i am crazy about having both sizes of my hair the same length. the woman checked it at my request and said it was ok but she didn't convince me. lesson learned about groupon: it may a fantastic deal, provided you have at least an idea of what kind of service you are to get; otherwise you may end up like myself this: not so happy.

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  1. Seno que ficou indentiquin ao hair-do que eu fiz pra vossa senhoria em certa data especial, num foi nao? Ate pensei que era foto daquele dia hehehe