Friday, 3 June 2011

mfl conference

3 june 2011

today we had the research student workshop: "research perspectives on modern foreign languages in uk schools", organized by my supervisor, ros mitchell, and two of her supervisees who do research in uk schools. the one-day conference, that happened at building 34 - education, in highfield, had the participation of twelve uk universities. the keynote speaker was professor suzanne graham, from the university of reading, who spoke about learner strategies.

the other presentations, all about ongoing research about the teaching of a foreign modern language in uk schools were interesting. for me it is a good experience to hear about the research carried out here in this multicultural environment. the multicultural aspect of life here, obviously observed in schools is itself not surprisingly object of many studies throughout the country. another point that has caught my attention is the wealth of foreign languages the students have the opportunity to study, and that scarcity of resources and other serious problem like the ones my teachers face in public schools in brazil are not even mentioned. are they really not part of the scenario? it is like an ideal world. the most popular languages object of research today were french and german. anyway, after listening to four presentations in a row my brain nearly collapsed.

other than that i should say i'm happy for the productive week i've had so far: 1. am finished with eng3b report and everything related to it; 2. have been to important meetings on tuesday and wednesday; 3. had my nice experience with recording in a studio; 4. had a great day yesterday: got all my prescriptions sorted out, collected poster for the birkbeck conference tomorrow, did laundry, cooked dinner for me and mike, had the dinner, and went to the movies with him. does it really read something like i did? i am impressed. i need to register these things, although they may seem very ordinary stuff for many people, i'm pleased i managed to do that much. maybe i am not that slow, afterall.

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