Friday, 16 April 2010

the backpack

16 apr 2010

today i got myself a new packpack. it had been weeks of planning on this transition from old biggy to a brand new one. this nice huuuge old one has been a great companion. it was always super useful as i took it not only to uni with books and academic stuff, but also very handy when i took it along for shopping.
however, i felt very much ready to move on and come back to uni after this Easter vacation carrying a new sac. i hope the new sac, properly bought but not yet photographed, does keep me the same faithful company as the this old one did. by the way, the new one, not a backpack, but a more elegant suitcase if you like, should be called Alice. i am in this 'alice in wonderland' state of mind today. sometimes big, sometimes very small, sometimes knowing who i am, sometimes not. i got Alice from TKMaxx.

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