Friday, 16 April 2010

bedford place

16 apr 2010

i met with Diana Popescu today a little before 6pm right here at the avenue / the common and we walked down towards london road. our final destination was bedford place, a road with many pubs and shops. we first went to revolution pub, where we stayed for quite a long time, at first sitting at their terrace outside, enjoying the brrrr chilly breeze. there we had coffee latte. when it got very cold we got a table inside the pub, kept chatting and had white wine. we stayed there until after 9pm, when the music became very loud and unbearable for us, and super great for the newcomers.

we left the revolution pub, crossed the street, and entered another pub whose name i cannot recall just now. well, we talked about so many things, until 11.20ish. time went by so quickly we didn't realize it was so late. when the conversation is great we forget the clock. we rushed to the bus stop on london and were lucky to get into the U1E bus. diana is a nice friend from romania.

we talked about life, academic life / work, love, men, travelling, working, sharing houses with people from different cultures. . . you name it! we just let the talk flow. it was very nice. i don't go out very often. i am a quiet person. many times my favorite programme is to go somewhere and watch a movie, a theater play, or just stay a friend's house. the kind of programme i appreciate is one where we can sit and enjoy ourselves through talking and listening to good music or whatever, but i am definetely not fond of uncontrolled alcohol drinking or super loud music. this evening at the pub with diana is a sort of night out that happens sometimes around here with the folks from the post grad programme, and is something i highly appreciate. besides, it gave me the feeling of having done something for myself, really, as i didn't stay home. silly me )-:

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