Wednesday, 14 April 2010

in treatment

14 apr 2010

i just left the uni health clinic on the highfield campus. i came to see Dr. Armstrong because i wanted to: - show her all the blood and screening tests i did in Brazil this past december; - talk about my blood pressure; - talk about my overweight; - and also really get back to a doctor in the clinic as they had already sent me two letters saying it was time i went back there for the follow up on my (high) blood pressure.

i phoned the clinic a few days ago and asked for Dr Armstrong. i have seen a number of different doctors at the clinic and it does not feel too great, really. i need to be connected with one who knows me enough to treat me properly although in their website it is clear they cannot promise you'll have your own doctor all the time.

oh my GOD!!! i just remember as i am typing here, that i forgot to tell her of my horrible pain in the elbow i've been having for many days now. it eluded me. but that's fine. i'll have another opportunity soon. when i first entered her surgery she greeted me with a welcoming smile, which makes a huge difference, i insist in pointing out. i said she was the first doctor i saw at the clinic when i first arrived here in southampton as a student and that back then she was expecting someone and made the gesture pointing to my belly (she was pregnant). she smiled and said she remembers me and the 'someone' she was expecting has arrived. :-)
i really have this expectation of sticking with her for my next visits to the clinic.

she went through all the many tests i had to show to her and converted the value to the ones they use here. she found some results a little 'massive' - her words, and for this reason i am going to repeat them, but - good news! - everything will be done at the clinic, right here. very convenient for me. the fasting blood tests will be tomorrow and the smear will have to wait some days because of my period.

we talked about the dieting and she told me lots of things that i for sure have already come across in my life but i don't learn the lesson it seems. she suggested i try weight watchers; eat less sugar and less fat; find a more active physical exercise than just walking; and that i eat in a smal plate with two thirds of my intake being veggies and only one third being the protein and the carbo; that i cut out even the sweetener i have in my morning cereal. she said it is fine that i eat the sultana bran, but not too much. i love on hope.

but the way, today is a beautiful spring day. although chilly (6 degrees), it is nice and the blooming is in the air, at last.

note: i forgot to say here something funny that happened the first time i saw Dr. Armstrong. well, as we arrive in this country we are supposed to register in a GP (General Practitioner) near wherever we live. of course i registered at this one right on campus, because my address was ok to be registered here. As said before, I met with Dr. Armstrong at the occasion. when i entered her surgery (office) and sat down to speak with her she made the gesture to receive the form i had just filled out about myself. instead of handing the form to her i offered my hand itself to shake hands with, with is the most formal and minimum contact we have with anyone in my Brazilian culture. it was obvious from her reaction that she was not expecting this sort of contact, but anyway she said 'lovely'. we went on to talk about my situation and here i am :-)

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