Wednesday, 7 April 2010

new connections?

7 apr 2010

i am going to a meeting today, with people i don't know yet. they come from internet social groups and i am wondering what this meeting will be like. i am not usually very shy and don't really 'fear' it, but i have been thinking what it is going to be like in this attempt to make connections in this environment which is not my original cultural setting, since i am not a Brit.

well, i should survive it :-)

yes, i am loaded with expectations. at the first meeting we grown ups tend to be gentle and please the others. let's see how this one meeting goes. it is going to be in a nice and nothing cheap restaurant on Oxford Street, near the Ocean Village. the lady who is in charge of organizing the gathering emailed me and confirmed table is reserved for eight people. i am curious about the other seven. and excited as well.

a good walk in the park should warm me up for this today.

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  1. hmmmmm sounds promising. Aqueles restaurantesna Oxford Street sao bem legais. Foi por ali que jantei com o pessoal da conferencia e o Len Barton. Tomara que o pessoal seja legal.
    Ah ontem o dia foi lindo!!! Conto tudo na sexta.