Sunday, 11 April 2010

com que roupa eu vou?

11 apr 2010

Spring is still so timid. Yesterday it marked 16 degrees during the day. As it is predictable it went down during the night. It is cold today, marking now 6 degrees. The sun out there, shinning beautifully outside, but still it feels chilly. So, I decided to put on a jumper and a light coat to go window shopping in city centre. Again, I saw people wearing all sorts of covers, some light like mine, some a bit more covered, and also the t-short heroes. Go figure!!!

I walked to the city centre instead of riding the bus today. I feel happy for being able to take even short walks like this one, because physical exercise should be my number 1 priority. Well, I have promised myself to try and improve in that direction.

My first stop was at Starbucks café for a café latte and a pain au chocolat. My initial plans were to sit and stay here for a long time, sipping my coffee slowly and writing some. Well, things didn’t work quite right as I had planned. I am still here at 12pm sharp at the café, but am finished with coffee and will have to leave soon, I’m afraid.

I want to stop by Marks and Spencer. This is an expensive shop, but they often have good offers over there. I’ll see if M&S has something interesting for me today. This Starbucks is a busy café. Although I know it is very common for customers to spend hours here under the cost of a cup of coffee only, I myself don’t feel very inclined to do the same, afraid of getting those ‘please leave the table for somebody else now’ look. It is a joke. I don’t think they actually give those looks to customers. Or do they?

Note: this first bit of the post was written at Starbucks Café.

Update at home in the evening:
I did go and browsed around M&S, and guess what? I ended up finding this offer for the pans I needed. I had seen just one at M&S before for £25, had seen sort of the same for £22 at Waitrose, all for one single saucepan. It was good that I waited until today.

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